Appendices 1 through 4 illustrate one family’s journey in pursuit of an appropriate education for their student followed by letters sent on their behalf seeking the assistance of various federal and state officials including California’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Governor Edmund G. Brown, and Secretary Arne Duncan which were copied to elected officials at the state and federal level.  As of today, the only responses received to these letters are posted below.  Further communications will be posted as they are received.
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June 1, 2011 Cover Letter to Tom Torlakson

Appendix 1: Chronological Factual Background & Documentary History re: Education of G.M.

  • Details the student’s educational history and events to present.


Appendix 2: Supplemental Points & Discussion re: Dry Creek and CDE Noncompliance.

  • Details actions of school district legal counsel which detrimentally impact the rights of California students to the appropriate education IDEA envisions and how LEAs use education funds to hire aggressive legal counsel who:
    • Seek to eviscerate IDEA’s protections;
    • Engage in litigation to deny student services;
    • Thwart parent involvement in securing appropriate educational services for their children;
    • Set aside procedural protections, including stay-put;
    • Compromise the State Education Agency’s (“SEA”) Complaint Resolution Process (“CRP”) as well as its overall system of supervision, monitoring and enforcement; and
    • Challenge the language and purpose of the IDEA through frivolous legal claims, at the same time parents who have the “right” to be accompanied by counsel, cannot afford counsel to defend against such claims.


Appendix 3: Citations: IDEA Statutory and Regulatory Obligations: State & Local Education Agencies and Related Authorities.

  • Details education agency obligations under the law which guide their provision of education services, define standards for their compliance and set forth conditions they must meet in order to receive federal funds.


Appendix 4: Relevant Documentary Evidence and Citations. 

  • Relevant documentary evidence (including Internet citations) in support of the June 1, 2011 Letter to Superintendent Torlakson and accompanying Appendices.


June 1, 2011 Letter to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.

June 1, 2011 Letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

June 16, 2011 Letter from Director Fred Balcom

July 28, 2011 Letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein

August 15, 2012 Letter to Deborah Delisle

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