Study of LEA / SEA Noncompliance

This website contains documents which reflect an extensive study of the educational record of one student in Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District and his family’s efforts to obtain an appropriate education for him.  (DOCUMENTS) These documents not only confirm the family’s ongoing struggle in the face of persistent noncompliance by Dry Creek, they show this struggle actually has been fostered by the actions of school district legal counsel and encouraged by the failure of CDE and its Legal Department, to supervise, monitor and enforce or take meaningful action against Dry Creek, despite CDE’s obligations under the law.


These documents reflect:

  • The failure of Dry Creek to provide documented IEP services to a student or fund education services for over a year, at the same time it pays education funds to school district lawyers to fight the provision of services and fund litigation challenging and seeking to set aside fundamental IDEA rights;
  • CDE’s persistent failure to monitor and enforce against Dry Creek, at the same time both agencies seek and receive federal funds based on assurances they are complying with all applicable laws and providing FAPE to students with disabilities.


These documents have been submitted to federal and state officials with authority over California’s local and state education agencies.  We await their responses.